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The Key

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The Key  to come out from your mental prison of stress, anxiety and depression, has been written by a recovered patient, who experienced the same symptoms and the same destructive way of thinking originating from these type of mental health problems. It is like someone local showing you the exit of the tunnel.

Access to real stories but also to solid scientific information from disciplines such as neuroscience, neurobiology, psychiatry, psychology and research in other fields such as nutrition and even spirituality, to combine with your medical treatment.

The Key will provide you with clear and concise information that will help you to understand the relationship between your thoughts, emotions and consequently your mood.

It will also help you to improve your internal dialogue –your mind wandering - but above all to know how your brain works, and thus the interconnection with your body, in situations that you detect as stressful (real or imaginary).

Know everything you need to know about neurotransmitters and how human beings produce them naturally.


If you are a relative wanting to help a loved one who is going through depression you will know in detail what you can do to stimulate the brain and emotions for your close and loved ones. If you are a psychologist, it will be a reliable material to give hope to a patient who is not showing improvement through conventional treatment (pharmacological and talking therapy).

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