About me

My 20 years of work experience I have mostly worked in international trading as I graduated in Business, and later in Marketing Communications.

However the environmental change that leaving my homeland produced, to adapt to  a new life in the UK , made me experience the symptoms of migration grief, while getting at the same time demanding jobs that were performance based, target oriented and fast paced, gave me constant stress and anxiety.


For a long time I learned to cope with all this as most people do, by medication.

But the anxiety that was not cured from its root, the constant stress in my job, plus the born of my daughter led me to a severe depression.


This motivated me to question my own existence and the way I was living life. I made drastic changes in my lifestyle, which resulted in recovery 2 years later.

I switched career to mental health. I took a job to work with people experiencing different mental health issues, and later with young offenders who experienced childhood traumas. 

I obtained a qualification in Individual and Organisational Stress Management to understand the complexities of mental health and work environments. I also started training in Therapeutic Counselling with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). 

Currently I have 3 books published related to mental and emotional health. I work in an organisation that helps women recovering from drug, alcohol and domestic abuse. I also work in my private practice as a Wellbeing Specialist, and became a workplace Chaplain for the Derbyshire Police & the Fire and Rescue Service for Derbyshire.

I introduced variety in my life, where I have a better time management for myself. Freedom in the modern world is not easy.

After my own tough experience, I realised that once our wellbeing is affected, it is not solved only by medication or yoga. 

Mental health is a complex subject, and also a very relevant topic at work. 

Despite the campaigns around mental health, there is still a lot of shame, prejudice and stigma around the subject, especially in the workplace, where people fear being perceived as weak or incompetent. But people with mental health problems only ask for help when they believe they will be listened to and they think it won’t play against them. 

I hope my materials can help you to regain wellbeing or to help to a loved one. I provide my books in ebook, audiobook and printed formats, and also in Spanish. I also provide service in Spanish and Portuguese language.