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About me


Mental Health is not only in your mind, but is subject to multiple factors, such as the environment where you work, the level of pressure to which you are subjected in the different aspects of your life, and even the type of personal relationships you develop. But there is no single answer or magic pill to improve mental health in the blink of an eye.

I grew up under the hot South American sun, in Paraguay. I emigrated to the UK in 2008, which produced great changes in my life, I developed Anxiety. Being multilingual, for 20 years my work experience had been in international sales, customer service and business development; sectors with fast paced environment and the constant pursuit of targets.


I needed to make big changes in my life after suffering from severe postnatal depression and dealing with persistent anxiety for years. For a long time I dealt with my health challenges like many people do, with medication only, until I decided to implement other techniques that would heal me from inside.

These experiences gave me good insight as a patient into common mental health issues and the limitations of attempting to cure then only with medication.

We all experience a challenge in our mental health at some point in our life. I did a lot of research to understand why it was so complicated for me to recover, and I published what had worked for my recovery in my first book, "The Key to escape from your mental prison" in 2016 and made the difficult decision to pivot my career.

I first trained in organisational stress management and individual stress. In following years I trained in Counselling.

Through a private practice in Derby I work with people through face to face sessions, telephone or online counselling, for some years I also provided mental and emotional health support for members of the Derbyshire Police and Rescue Team.

I am a counsellor, but since I have been a patient in the past, I can also see and understand from that perspective. I can provide you with a warm and friendly space to explore your concerns, I work with male and female clients, and also teenagers. I provide sessions in Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian.

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