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When we feel stressed for a long period of time, we find it difficult to cope with daily life. Solving some problems could be difficult, especially the ones that create pain in us, like guilt, regret, loneliness, frustration, shame, loss, anger, fear, anxiety, grief, sadness, anguish or despair.

I am a BACP Accredited Counsellor. I work with a modality called Person-Centred Approach.


I provide the sessions by phone, online and face to face from Derby to neurotypical & neurodivergent people, Adults, Children and Young people (from age 9). I can support you in English as first or second language, or Portuguese, Spanish and Italian with Faith Counselling and also Pride Counselling, for issues related to:

Reconnect with the joie de vivre

Anxiety                                            Domestic Abuse                             Relationship issues

Addiction                                        Loss and grief                                 Marriage issues

Depression                                      LGBTQ+ issues                              Phobias

Self-esteem problems                    Insomnia                                         Facing disciplinary actions at work

Pre-trail Counselling                       Divorce and separation                 Sexuality issues

Career Change                                Emigration issues                          Post-traumatic stress

Work related stress                         Panic attacks                                  Trauma and Abuse

Child abuse or neglect                   Traumatic loss due to suicide       Pre and postnatal depression

If you are interest please write to or please complete de Contact Form.

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