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Hell at work

Feeling good at work should not be just for some lucky people, you deserve it too, but it's not wise to over value a career at the expense of your health. In this book you will read stories based on real events, updated statistical data and important reports, to have a better understanding about abuse.

Each employee can be exposed to different types of situations and aggressions, regardless of their hierarchy in the organisational structure,

You will be able to understand better certain points that are not discussed in the office such as: what happens when organisations confuse Personality Disorders with Leadership. How physical, psychological and emotional destabilization are made in the office. Active, Passive and Covert aggression coming from colleagues or superiors. Cultural Approaches. What mobbing is, and how it is carried out at an individual and corporate level. Negative connotations about mental health at work and why they exist. The different types of bullying and harassment explained in depth, with their different characteristics. What sexual harassment is, sexual aggression, and when is it rape? The different situations that may arise that lead to undesirable sexual behaviour in an organization, and why they are not reported?


But above all, the reader will be able to better understand the importance of emotional and psychological health for workers.

The book is written from the perspective of an employee within an organisation. The writer, Doraliz Aranda, has been an employee for 20 years in different sectors and is now an expert in Organisational Stress Management. She developed this material for stressed executives, or employees who are experiencing aggression in their jobs and whose health is affected. It might also be of interest for Human Resource professionals, Health and Safety professionals, Employment Lawyers, Occupational Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Regulatory Bodies.

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