When we feel stressed for a long period of time, we find it difficult to cope with daily life. Solving some problems could be difficult, especially the ones that create pain in us, like guilt, regret, loneliness, frustration, loss, anger, fear, anxiety, grief, sadness, anguish or despair.


They could also be work related issues like mistrust, unrealistic delivery deadlines, high workload, long working hours, chaotic processes, fast-paced work environments , constant change, unreliable IT systems, dealing with people who are physically or verbally abusive, or the worst one, you completely stopped enjoying your career.

Our emotional state can also be affected by the quality of our relationships, like bonding with the wrong person, family and marital issues, or financial difficulties affecting the household.


In this link the NHS provides great self-help tools that you can access with just a click called Every Mind MattersBut if  you can't manage it by yourself, I can help you as a qualified Stress Management and Wellbeing Specialist.

Reconnect with the joie de vivre

A self-discovery journey

Self-discovery is not a quick journey, it requires time, exploration and a spirit of adventure.


At some point you will feel thirsty, hungry, tearful and tired. But at the end of the journey you will see life from a new perspective. You will also understand yourself better, because time and situations change us, but they give us wisdom. 

Time is "life", the most valuable gift we have. It is ours for around 30,000 days only (never take it for granted).

Aspire to a fulfilled life. Live a meaningful existence.


What you can do when your employment affects your physical, mental and emotional stability". My book "Hell at Work" can show you the warning signs of what can make you seriously sick from work - physically and mentally. Download this book from Audible or  Kindle Stores. Appart from english, I also work with portuguese and spanish speaking people. Please complete the Contact Form or write to news@doralizaranda.com